What’s Angela From ’90 Day Fianc’ up to Now? Her Full Transformation Is Wild – Distractify

What’s Angela From ’90 Day Fianc’ up to Now? Her Full Transformation Is Wild – Distractify

Season 6 of 90 Day Fianc: Happily Every After? is in full swing, and fans cannot get over Angela Deem's transformation. It's been no secret that Angela wanted to get healthier and more fit for her family, and she really took her weight loss journey seriously. This season follows Angela, who's lost 100 pounds, as she chooses to get gastric sleeve surgery, which means she has to completely stop eating sweets and smoking cigarettes.

Angela also shocked fans (and her husband, Michael) when she announced she was getting breast reduction surgery. So, what's happening with Angela now?

Angela has gotten a decent amount of plastic surgery while starring in 90 Day Fianc. Most recently, she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery, liposuction, breast reduction, and two more that were unspecified.

I decided to do breast surgery while Im there. [A] reduction. Everybodys like, What? Im like, Why not? And then what about liposuction? I said, Lets do it! Lets do it all in one day," Angela said. She also shared that the doctors found "hernias and stuff" which resulted in five total surgeries.

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The bad thing was during the surgery they found, you know, hernias and stuff. So, I actually had five surgeries in one day. I was under anesthesia for, like, six hours," Angela told Us Weekly.

But as fans know, Angela has gotten work done before. Back in Season 7 of 90 Day Fianc, Angela got Botox and fillers to appear younger for Michael, who is a lot younger than her. Angela showed off her "before" and "after" photos on Instagram.

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While Angela loves her new body, Michael is not a fan of all her surgeries. I dont complain about your body, you know this. I didnt complain. I like big things. I like you the way you are. I like big things. You know this, he said during the tell-all. Michael continued, She knows I dont like anything surgery. Like, no doing all this artificial stuff. I dont like it."

Aside from aesthetics, Michael feels like surgery is an unnecessary risk that could lead to her death.

People have lost their life getting this kind of surgery here in Nigeria. I feel she want to risk it all, Michael said. Luckily, Angela made it out okay.

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Angela has lot a lot of weight over the last few seasons of 90 Day Fianc about 100 pounds. After her surgeries and adopting a more nutritional diet, Angela is looking and feeling a lot better. She explains that she lost the weight for her family: Theres benefits behind doing it for myself because it also benefits the grandkids being around me longer and [Michael] and I being together longer. I did it for myself to stay alive and [to] benefit the ones I love."

You can see her full transformation in a TikTok video, which she uploaded on May 8.

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She also posted a photo with her grandkids back in mid-April that has her looking fitter, happier, and more energetic.

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Will Angela keep the weight off? Will her new look impact her relationship with Michael? We'll just have to keep watching this season, but from the looks of her life on social media, things are looking good for Angela!

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What's Angela From '90 Day Fianc' up to Now? Her Full Transformation Is Wild - Distractify

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