Top plastic surgeon on how he knocks 20 years off women with overnight ‘mummy makeovers’ – Daily Star

Top plastic surgeon on how he knocks 20 years off women with overnight ‘mummy makeovers’ – Daily Star

A leading plastic surgeon has revealed how he regularly knocks 20 years off a womans appearance overnight by performing "mummy makeovers".

Dr Nicholas Howland says that in the 14 years he has been practicing, patients have increasingly asked him for multiple "makeover" procedures to radically transform their appearance.

Whereas in years gone by they would get liposuction or breast augmentation separately, now they want to walk out of his clinic looking like a different person from the one who entered, he explained.

This benefits patients in two main ways by reducing costs by up to $10,000 and also meaning they only have to recover from one operation, he explained.

Demand for this and every procedure the 39-year-old plastic surgeon performs at the Howland Plastic Surgery clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, have risen "significantly across the board" since the Covid pandemic erupted last March, he said.

He is currently performing around two a week, along with mini Brazilian Butt Lifts and a range over other cosmetic operations.

Dr Howland said: "The reasoning behind the increasing demand has changed what we used to think stopped people getting surgery.

"We used to think money was the main limiting factor but it seems it wasnt.

"Time seems to be a more important factor for people. And now that so many people have more time through working from home it seems everyone wants plastic surgery."

The cost of a "head to toe" makeover varies between patients but averages out at around $20,000, the surgeon who owns Howland Plastic Surgery explained.

After the operation which takes around seven hours and often includes a tummy tuck and lift, breast augmentation and liposuction his patients normally go home the same day.

And once their recovery period is over, he says many tell him they feel "totally transformed".

He added: "Ive had patients come back and tell me they feel and look like theyve had 20 years taken off.

"People feel fabulous afterwards their bodies are restored.

"I dont like the term 'mummy makeover' because I think its exclusionary but I think it does describe what happens to a lot of womens bodies after pregnancy.

"After they have had a procedure it is not just a physical change they find its mental, spiritual and life-changing.

"Some say their positive outlook on life has been restored.

"We recently had one lovely patient who lost over 50 pounds and underwent a full transformation.

"I performed 360 liposuctions, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation with mastopexy and fat grafting to the cleavage."

As the world gradually emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, Dr Howland believes demand for his services will only rise.

He revealed that patients are increasingly moving away from "extreme" features like oversized lips or giant breasts and prefer more subtle natural-looking work.

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Top plastic surgeon on how he knocks 20 years off women with overnight 'mummy makeovers' - Daily Star

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