The tattoo artist has made changes in protest and wants to slash his hand – Mediarun Search

The tattoo artist has made changes in protest and wants to slash his hand – Mediarun Search

Michel Farrow Prado used to be fascinated by the legendary and savage characters he saw Movies Since childhood. Therefore, inspired by such works as Legion, 30 Days of Night and Hobbit, he began to make a series of radical changes in his body. He covered her with tattoos, added fangs on her teeth, horns on her head, and recently removed one of her fingers and put on her silver teeth.

When I started changing my body, I had no goals to achieve, but I was hungry to make more physical changes. Today, I would like to become the most modified man in the world, he said in an interview with UOL.

However, Prados idea has nothing to do with religious imagery or with the concept of Satan. This later ended, as a form of protest, even because he is someone who claims to believe in God.

[Foi] One day when I rescued an old man on the street and took him to the emergency room. I was harassed by a nun in office and that day I took charge. Like, they can name anything to me because I know who I am! I believe in God and that the character of Satan was created by man.

And he adds, Lucifer is very beautiful. Genesis says, as does the book of Isaiah, Jesus dwelt in no beauty, and that he looked like a dry root in the desert. All fantasy If you take in the New Testament, every man of God is described as a species From Satan, even Jesus himself.

Ho, who works as a tattoo artist in Praia Grande, on the coast of So Paulo, says its not uncommon to hear criticism about his appearance.

Ive heard and listened almost daily on social media. I personally dont. Most people are cowards and dont have the courage to speak in front of me. It doesnt bother me if people get scared and shocked, amazed, I know how to deal with that very well. I think it would be ignorance not to know How to read, I look for the sinister look. What I dont get used to, I dont accept and I will never compromise is my due respect. And respect is everything.

With that in mind, Michel has no intention of stopping. The tattoo artist recently removed his ring finger, causing his hands to appear as claws. Without giving much detail about the procedure, he says that when he feels uncertain about something, he doesnt. Now he plans to change the hand more.

There will be a prong in the middle of the hand to make it more open. I have a number of silicone implants in my forearm and upper arm. The last idea is to produce some metal parts externally to give an air of something biomechanical.

Prado recently posted his goal without specifying the person who had a dream body modification.

The enthusiasm of the tattoo artist is shared by his wife Carol Prado, who also performed a series of procedures and became known as the Satanic Woman.

Prado says the most complex procedure hes ever had was a tummy tuck, a cosmetic surgery that involves removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal area.

Im remaking these days and Im comfortable at the moment. The stitches opened and I had to put them back in. It is definitely what I have suffered the most from and I am suffering.

For him, pain is part of the process, occurring more intensely after each operation.

Fear is always there and makes me wary. Sometimes wisdom prevents me from doing something: I review and decide whether to continue or not. Fear is there, but it has no power in anything in my life.

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The tattoo artist has made changes in protest and wants to slash his hand - Mediarun Search

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