Mum-of-four recalls horrific ordeal after tummy tuck procedure in Turkey goes horribly wrong – Sunday World

Mum-of-four recalls horrific ordeal after tummy tuck procedure in Turkey goes horribly wrong – Sunday World

A mum-of-four has recalled her horrific ordeal after a tummy tuck procedure in Turkey went horribly wrong.

amantha Heaphy told The Neil Prendeville Show on Corks RedFM how the open wounds left after the surgery were like a shark bit through my stomach.

Host Neil told listeners how Samantha had been through the absolute horrors and that it had started in the middle of June when she decided to book some appointments for Turkish surgery, to get some dental work done as well as a gastric sleeve.

I flew out on my own under the impression that this third party group that I booked to have the surgery with was going to look after me and would have everything handled for me for when got there, Samantha recalled. I decided its only a week, Ill go over, Ill have my surgery done. (Then) Ill be home and Ill be recovered within a week or two and Ill have the whole summer to spend with my children and get my life on track.

I was so happy that this was going to be my whole new life as I have health problems but it was all taken from me in a matter of days when everything started going drastically wrong. Im actually lucky to be alive right now.

After being collected at the airport Samantha was brought to a hotel before she was later admitted to the hospital.

I went over there to get the gastric sleeve done and within half an hour they had me asleep under the anaesthetic. When I woke up they were all around me in the room. They said unfortunately theres bad news. They said we cant do the sleeve on you because we're after finding ulcers. They said that when they went in to try and repair them they bled. They said it was so dangerous to do the sleeve that if they went near me that I would have died on the operating table.

Samantha said she was obviously upset and went back to her hotel room, on my own, just looking out at the sea. I was thinking to myself, Im here now, I have my money paid for my surgery. I saved up hard for that because that was supposed to be the start to my new life.

Samantha told Neil the gastric sleeve was costing about 3,200 euro.

I sat down and I thought about it. I'm a mother of four children so I have what I call the mummy pouch. So I said look, I may as well go and try for a tummy tuck. I was chatting to one of the ladies who was part of the group and I said what about a tummy tuck?

She said that we would meet the surgeon in the morning and before I knew it, I was meeting with the surgeon. No problem, no problem, he said thats fine.

The next morning I was down in the theatre, it was just that easy, that fast.

Samantha had some dental work done to her satisfaction but when she came out from under the aesthetic for the tummy tuck, she felt like death.

It hit me hard. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but they kept saying oh, you'll get better, youll get better.

I was in a bed in a hot country. I was sweaty and I was just feeling really down and they were like come on, get up now and start going for walks and every step felt like I had a concrete block on my leg. I can't even explain the pain, it was unbearable.

She stayed in the hospital for three days after the tummy tuck and after that was sent back to her hotel.

I still wasn't feeling great or anything like that but I said I suppose this is just part of it.

Samantha said she was all packed up and was grand when she noticed a load of blood coming through. I was dripping in blood, I was absolutely destroyed and it sent me into shock.

Doctors were called to her room and she was rushed straight back to the hospital. After spending the night in the hospital she was bandaged up and sent it back to her hotel room. She spent an extra week in Turkey on her own.

I was due to fly home on the Saturday night and on Friday the surgeons decided to open me back up again to go in and find out where the bleeding was coming from. It was internal bleeding. He probably found the source but he didnt tell me he found it. All he said was, bleeding stopped no, bleeding stopped.

He must have stitched me back up and closed me back up again and he left me to fly home on the Saturday night.

After a nightmare journey back to Ireland including two flights back to Dublin and then travelling onto Cork she was hysterical by the time she got home.

I just wanted to get home, she added. I missed the family. I needed to be in my own home.

Eventually I got home on the Sunday night and I knew Id be changing the bandages myself and my husband was actually helping me. On the Wednesday we were going to change the bandages and he said Sammy, ring an ambulance quick. I wouldn't look down. I still find it hard to look at the wounds, to this day. It just makes me upset every time I look in the mirror. My sister-in-law came up, took one look and said get an ambulance quick.

The whole thing was after coming away. You could literally put your fist through my stomach. The ambulance men were in shock. They said theyd never seen the likes of it.

To me it looked like a shark took a bite out of my stomach.

She was put into isolation in CUH as she had travelled from Turkey,, which she didn't mind, but it felt like I was back to square one, in a room on my own and not knowing what was ahead of me.

Samantha said she was actually blessed that the CUH has taken me on.

They're willing to fix me because I got this surgery done in Turkey. But they told me the truth, its a long road I have ahead of me and its not going to be an easy road.

According to Samantha, the hospital staff told, her it was a job that had gone drastically wrong.

They said were after seeing over 100 cases like this in the past year from people coming home from Turkey. I said if had known that before I travelled out there, I wouldnt have went out there.

I was doing this for my health but it turned drastically wrong and made me worse. I have a really long road ahead of me.

The clinic in Turkey subsequently contacted RedFM to say all procedures of the named patient were carried out completely.

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Mum-of-four recalls horrific ordeal after tummy tuck procedure in Turkey goes horribly wrong - Sunday World

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