Hazel-E Addresses Mommy Makeover That Went Wrong: I Have Some Mom Guilt That Is Ripping My Heart Apart – MadameNoire

Hazel-E Addresses Mommy Makeover That Went Wrong: I Have Some Mom Guilt That Is Ripping My Heart Apart – MadameNoire

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In an update on her road to recovery following a mommy makeover shed gotten done in Turkey that resulted in her hospitalized with complications, Hazel-E is now back in the United States and reflecting on her experience. In a new Instagram Stories post, the star noted why the whole experience left her with mom guilt.

I just wanted my old body back, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alum said in her latest update. Explaining the ups and downs her self-acceptance has gone through even pre-dating her pregnancy, and mentioning her daughter at the end, she continued, To embrace motherhood you have to love every new flaw that comes with it. Gut, nipples pointing to the ground, fatigue, backaches. This was the first thing I had tried to do for [myself] since before I was pregnant. I have some mom guilt that is ripping my heart apart. I was tryna have my baby be internationally known. I wanted her to be well-traveled before 1.

If you didnt know, Hazel-Es latest update comes just weeks after she posted a series of videos from a hospital bed where shed then-recently been transferred following a mommy makeover shed gone to get done in Instanbul, Turkey that frighteningly left her with severe pain and complications.

Ive been trying to push through I couldnt, she said through tears in the first of the clips from that original update. Explaining how the medical professionals at the hospital shed previously been at had no other alternative but to remove her breast implants, she continued, They had to take my boobs. Now I just got to a new hospital because Im getting a blood transfusion. According to her, the risk of leaving her breast implants in couldve made her condition even worse had they not been taken out.

I wouldnt be around for Ava anymore, she said still crying as she thought of the possibility of not being able to be around for her daughter, Ava Dior, that was born last year with husband Devon Waller. I had to have the mommy makeover, then my makeover didnt work so now I dont have any boobs anymore so you guys cant f-king make fun of me anymore. This is what it is, you know?

Maybe at a different time, like when my body has a chance to heal from my tummy tuck she pondered on the thought of getting her breasts eventually fixed before adding through more tears, Look, like I have no more boobs, theyre gone it just is what it is, thats the update.

Good plastic surgeons wont let you do stuff thats not good for you, the reality TV personality said to those watching the Live. As she explained, the doctor at the facility she was then at showed her the utmost kindness. He didnt want me to be sick with Ava, Hazel-E said of him.

Even though shes back now, the star had noted then that it would be a while before shed be able to return to America. Poignantly, the TV personality warned her viewers of the dangers of going abroad to get plastic surgery. She said towards the end of the Live, I dont know dont go to Mexico and get boobs, I guess. Because I did it in like 2015 and it caught up with me in 2021.

All things considered, we hope the star makes a full recovery. A screenshot of her latest update and clips of her Instagram Live from a few weeks ago where she gave that original update can be seen in the slideshow below.


Hazel-E Addresses Mommy Makeover That Went Wrong: I Have Some Mom Guilt That Is Ripping My Heart Apart - MadameNoire

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