Cruel trolls nicknamed my baby Rudolph over birthmark  I didnt want to leave the house but I know shes… – The Irish Sun

Cruel trolls nicknamed my baby Rudolph over birthmark I didnt want to leave the house but I know shes… – The Irish Sun

MUM-OF-THREE Samantha Edmonds has opened up about the cruel abuse she received from trolls who nicknamed her baby girl "Rudolph" because of a red birthmark on her nose.

Samantha, 30, initially thought the mark on her youngest daughter Clara's nose was a bruise from labour, but it continued to grow and was diagnosed as a haemangioma.


A collection of blood vessels form under the skin causing a benign lump that is commonly known as a "strawberry mark" and first seen at birth or in the first few weeks of a baby's life.

It can continue to grow for up to a year, before starting to shrink as the child gets older, but Samantha says her little girl has been forced to endure horrible comments from strangers because of her appearance.

So much so, that Samantha, from Bristol, says she wanted to hide her daughter away from the world and felt like she couldn't leave home.

"A lady in the shop near where I live said she looked like Rudolph, which really upset me. I didn't take her out for a week after that," Samantha admits.




"Another woman also said she would be really beautiful if she didn't have the birthmark on her face and lots of people think she's hurt herself and caused the mark somehow."

Revealing the toll nasty comments can take, Samantha adds: "It makes me feel really upset and insecure for her. I worry about what people might say to her as she gets older - especially when she starts school, in case she's bullied because of it and I know girls care a lot about their appearance."

For Samantha, though, she says Clara's birthmark is a part of who she is and she loves that it makes her daughter "unique".

"She's my beautiful strawberry baby and it just makes her unique," Samantha says. "I buy her outfits with strawberries on because it's a part of who she is."

It makes me feel really upset and insecure for her, I worry about what people might say as she gets older

When she was born, the mark started out as a tiny pinprick on Clara's nose before growing over time.

As it grew, it became problematic and led to Clara struggling to breathe or feed properly, as the blood vessels were also restricting her airway.

As a result, Clara had to undergo emergency surgery to open up her windpipe and was put on medication to help her breathing by shrinking the haemangioma.

"She was rushed to hospital three times struggling to breathe which made them realise it was more than just a bruise," Samantha explains.



Doctors explained to Samantha, who is also mum to two other daughters Aurora and Freya, that while haemangiomas usually stop growing when a baby is 8-10 weeks, Clara's needed shrinking a lot quicker because of how it was affecting her breathing.

As it shrinks, it will leave behind loose skin, but Samantha says she will wait until her daughter is old enough to decide if she wants to have the surgery that can remove it, as such an operation would leave behind a scar.

"I see it as a part of her now and I'll miss it when it's gone," she says.

"Her mark makes her more beautiful and a lot of people say it's like a kiss from an angel."

Clara's sister call her birthmark her "special mark", with Samantha revealing the sweet family connection they believe Clara has.

"We lost my grandad before she was born," Samantha explains.

"She's the only grandchild he didn't meet - we see him in her facial expressions sometimes, so if it's a mark from an angel, it's definitely from him."

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Cruel trolls nicknamed my baby Rudolph over birthmark I didnt want to leave the house but I know shes... - The Irish Sun

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