’90 Day Fianc’ Spoilers: Rebecca Parrot’s New Hair Ruined Her Tell-All Moment? – The Overtimer

’90 Day Fianc’ Spoilers: Rebecca Parrot’s New Hair Ruined Her Tell-All Moment? – The Overtimer

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90 Day Fianc Spoilers finds that cast member, Rebecca Parrot shared a picture on Instagram to flaunt her new look. She also revealed that that she had some work done on her body.

During the Tell-all, Rebecca revealed that she didnt like her new hairdo, but she thinks Zieds hair looked great. Rebecca and Zied are one of the shows fan-favorite couples. Even co-stars loved them and are shocked to find out that Rebecca is 21 years older than Zied because she looks so young and they look good together.

However,in other to look younger for her husband, Rebecca shared that she had some work done on her body, and her husband saidthat he liked it. Rebecca, who is fond of using filters revealed that she got Botox and lip injections to celebrate her 50th birthday. Rebecca also had the excess fat on her lower bellyremovedthrough a less invasive tummy tuck and micro-laser liposuction procedure. Many fans liked her transformation when she shared a photo of her bellyarea.

Even thoughRebecca likes the result of her nip-and-tuck, she didnt likehow she looked on the Tell-All part 1.The wife of Zied Hakimi shared a beautifulpicture on Instagram. The picture showed her new shinny black hair. Her black was curled, but thecurling fizzled out when she stayed in Los Angeles. She had to wear the hair straight to the studio for the Tell-all. However, she said that her husband looked amazing. She said that she oved his brush-up hairstyle and that purple shirt.

Rebecca Parrot said that she hoped viewers enjoyed the first part of the Tell-all and thatmuch more to come next Sunday!! Fans love Rebeccas new black hair and extensions and they want her to keep it. Someone commented, Your hair looked shiny! Dont worry.Another fan said,You RULED the reunion part one. And looked so amazing!!!Many other fans commented that they love both looks on her, but they want her to continue to wear hair hair black as it is perfect for her skin tone.

Sadly, viewers will no longer see Rebecca and Zied on the TLC show because the Network did not recast them for 90 Day Fianc: Happily Ever After season 6, which will premiere on April 25.

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'90 Day Fianc' Spoilers: Rebecca Parrot's New Hair Ruined Her Tell-All Moment? - The Overtimer

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